Throughout the entirety of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor’s role and responsibilities stood out to me, as I was constantly questioning if he should be blamed for his creation’s actions. Ultimately, I believe that Victor should be held accountable for the creature’s crimes because he failed as a creator. He neglected his creation, and left him to navigate the world on his own, knowing that he would face discrimination for his appearance. The creature experienced such an abundance of rejection and heartbreak, specifically in the case of the DeLacy family, that he acted on impulse just a a child who hasn’t been taught right from wrong would. Had Victor been considerate enough to raise his creation properly, many of the tragedies of the story could have been avoided. Although Victor himself did not commit any murders, he did nothing to prevent them either once he knew what the creature was capable of. With all of this being said, I think Victor was right in eventually choosing not to create a counterpart for his creation. He raised valid points against the creature’s plea, and in deciding to destroy the second being, he potentially saved many lives because there was no telling what the pair would have been capable of together. However, I think there were other things that Victor could have done to appease the creature. In the end, the creature only longed for love and acceptance, and Victor easily could have given this to him in a different form if it wasn’t for his own selfishness. I believe that the destruction caused by the creation falls under the creator’s responsibilities, and this serves as a symbol warning against the unnatural creation of life. Not only did creating the being compromise Victor’s health, but he also lost the majority of his family as a result. Had Victor never carried out this experiment, none of the misfortune in his life would have existed.

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